Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer School & Cupcakes

So i've just spent three glorious days at a Bristol University Summer School, and despite my original reservations, i thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Spending three days in student diggs, exploring the libraries and meeting some of the nicest people i've ever met was a genuinely brilliant experience, despite getting myself lost in the library and hauling my suitcase up a rather large amount of stairs, (my room was on the top floor...) It was fun, and i may sound like a major nerd, but i had so much fun learning new things, plus i got a free book out of it, yeah, its in Italian, but the covers so pretty.

Anyways, when i got back, i felt the need to bake some cupcakes, as a kind of welcome home present to myself, and the fact that i hadn't baked cupcakes for far too long a time. I made two batches, basic but lovely Vanilla Cupcakes and the very yummy Choco-Hazelnut Cupcakes.

I used recepies from the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book, which is my bible, but if anybody wants be to post the recepies, just ask :)



  1. I was thinking of getting that cookbook but then I thought the recipes in there might be TOO sweet (like all things American)... no?

  2. Er, well, the cupcakes are very sweet, you use like 250g of icing sugar for the frosting alone, so major sugar high. I would suggest you get it though, its got loads of recipes for cakes, pie, muffins, cookies, bars ect, so if cupcakes aren't your thing, the muffins are amazing :)

    Sorry for the late reply, my laptops been playing up with the wireless...