Monday, 26 July 2010


So, last weekend, it was me friends 17th birthday (yay for her :P)...

Aand, as a gift i created her a rather special cake, inspired by this magnificent cake

It's not quiet the same, and its a little messy, and my cameras not that good, and i cant get the better pictures off my phone, so, this will have to do.
I'll try to post the better pictures at another point, when technology behaves for me : /

Enjoy, we did

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hello All

So while being stuck inside, trying to find a recipe for frosting for my friends rainbow cake and avoiding English homework, i thought, howsabout a blog...
After all, i had been thinking about blogging for a while, and today seemed as good as ever a time to start one!
I'll probably bee posting pretty often, as we leave college next week (YAY!!) and i'll be busy busy and wanting to sure my adventures with the world :P
Hope you enjoy.

Amie xx

P.S: If any of you have iToones on you computer, i suggest downloading this weeks SOW, it's Janelle Monáe, it's called Tightrope and it's brilliant :)