Monday, 26 July 2010


So, last weekend, it was me friends 17th birthday (yay for her :P)...

Aand, as a gift i created her a rather special cake, inspired by this magnificent cake

It's not quiet the same, and its a little messy, and my cameras not that good, and i cant get the better pictures off my phone, so, this will have to do.
I'll try to post the better pictures at another point, when technology behaves for me : /

Enjoy, we did


  1. that cake is amazing! you are so talented. how long have you been baking?

  2. Awh, thanks, its quite simple when you figure out the right amounts :P
    Not long, i bought the hummingbird bakery book a few months ago and i've been a bit obsessed with it :)

    I can send you the recepie for the cake if you like?

  3. A brilliant cake!

  4. look so yummy! :)