Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween (From Yesterday)

Thought i might share some 'scary' pictures with you all :)

My Spooky chocolate & orange cupcakes for some lucky trick or treaters.

I liked the ghost, whoda thought that an old sheet and a torch could look so cool.

I think we might have been the only people on our road that put up Halloween decorations, we may have also put them up a day early, cause, yah know, that's how we roll...

Oh my precious pumpkins, spent at least a couple of hours carving these up, wasn't too bad though, got to keep all the seeds and roast em up, yummy.

Hope you all had a suitably horrific Halloween, now we shall have to survive the next month being reminded that its nearly Christmas, *sigh*, best start getting ready :P
Toodles xx

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